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Name's Ann. 16 and into SHINee for 4 yrs. i'm more of a flamers than a shawol .. but I still love them all. I also like Kim Soo Hyun from the drama 'My Love From The Stars'...Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day!


one day i will escape from this website




this is the cutest thing omg.

Anonymous said: I have a question: What is so great about Choi Minho? I mean he looks like a frog?


Hello friend. Your question surprised me, but let’s get past the confusion and on with the answer.

First of all, Minho is great. That is a fact as true as the air we breathe. Before I explain, let me just point out that greatness is not measured by appearance. If he’s not attractive to you, too bad because damn he’s hella cute it’s whatever. We all have different preferences. Just please don’t… evaluate his worth by only taking what he looks like into consideration ; __ ;

Moving on. Minho has the biggest heart (figuratively speaking ofc). Have you seen people refer to him as “the heart of SHINee” or “Choi tenderheart”????? It’s because he is so caring and thoughtful and grateful and supportive and affectionate and loving toward everyone. He values his family, he’s amazing with children, he’s touchy with fellow artists lmao, he adores fans, he’s kind to strangers, etc. He’s a freakin’ sweetheart! Love runs through his veins! If you are not aware of this let me just- this blog. Let it enlighten you.

Our Minho is also an inspiration. He takes on challenges and does his best to overcome them. From being mega quiet and shy in the very beginning to becoming an expressive playful dork, his improving acting, dancing and singing, and so much more, dude his growth is really something ok. Especially since he’s done it while still is tbh breaking from/proving he’s more than that “flaming charisma” image and every other.. stereotype?? that’s been tacked onto him throughout the years. Words are failing me, but I’m sure you’ve dealt with expectations before. We all have, and it’s stressful af to have people assume that you’ll always be the same and do the same things in the same way. He has grown. He has changed. Still is, and that’s a good thing! If you don’t feel warm and fuzzy on the inside when you think about that, idk what to tell you. I feel a sort of strength when I think about it because he’s quite relatable, I think, and he makes me want to improve too. Inspiration.

I probably haven’t done him justice with this brief explanation, but I must go. I hope that this will be enough for you to have a higher opinion of Minho. I mean, you don’t have to like him, but it’d be nice if you could open your heart to this cutie~~ lol



I sneezed in class today and a guy shushed me


remember when u were like 11 and the only thing u wanted was a lava lamp